Donate to the Jacob Hartog foundation?

Would you support Jacob Hartog foundation with your gift ? Or maybe you plan to support us during a fixed period through a grant agreement or at least five years.

You can transfer your donation to NL23 RABO 0145 2326 97, beneficiary “Jacob Hartog Stichting”, the Hague, The Netherlands named “donation".

Benefit for you

With a periodic donation for at least five consecutive years you would give a fixed amount to the Jacob Hartog foundation. Periodic donation has the advantage that you can take full advantage of tax deductions by full deduction of your income in the Netherlands. Depending on your income, you can recover from the tax to 52 %.

Benefit for Jacob Hartog Foundation

Your periodic donation would further ensure that the Jacob Hartog Foundation can continue long-term studies and projects can be continued. You give us extra security for the future. In addition, we have no taxes on your donation. The Jacob Hartog Foundation has in fact been nominated by the tax authorities as ANBI : General Benefit Institution (ANBI).

Periodic donation can be easily arranged

A periodic donation is easy to arrange through contacting us through the contact form.